How to Maximize Diesel Engine Performance

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How to Maximize Diesel Engine Performance

One of the most common concerns we see at our diesel truck repair shop is issues with the engine. Over time, diesel engines can deteriorate and make it harder for you to drive comfortably. Your vehicle feels slower, rougher, and the fuel economy gets much worse. 

In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to maximize diesel engine performance so you don’t have to worry about the check engine light coming on every week. 

Driving habits

Your driving habits can have a big impact on diesel engine performance. By driving in a way that minimizes wear and tear on the engine, you can help keep it running at its best.

Some tips for driving a diesel truck include accelerating smoothly, avoiding idling, and not overloading the vehicle. By accelerating slowly and gradually, you can prevent unnecessary strain on the engine. Similarly, avoiding idling can help reduce wear and tear and save fuel. And not overloading the vehicle can prevent damage to the engine and other components.

Upgrade the fuel injectors

Fuel injectors are used to inject fuel into your truck’s engine so it can function properly. Over time, diesel engines have a tendency to suffer from damaged or clogged fuel injectors. This means diesel isn’t being injected into the engine as efficiently as it should. Some signs of old or poor-quality injectors include constant stalling, a vibrating engine, or rougher engine noise when it’s idle. 

Upgrading to better-quality diesel fuel injectors will ensure that the engine works properly and everything runs smoothly. It can also drastically reduce fuel consumption while boosting your brake horsepower by a considerable amount. 

Tune your diesel engine

You should think about tuning your diesel engine if you want to maximize performance. We perform this service at our diesel truck shop all the time, but what does it entail? 

When we talk about tuning your engine, we use a device that plugs into the truck and can program the engine. This means you can change certain aspects of how the engine works, such as the horsepower it produces. Many diesel trucks come with a max horsepower that gets capped. So, you’re potentially missing out on an extra 10 or 20% of power, which can be unlocked with tuning. 

See a diesel engine specialist

The final way to improve diesel engine performance is to see a specialist. At Reiff Diesel, we carry out diesel truck repair and diesel engine services all the time. Booking your truck for a regular checkup will ensure that the engine stays in tip-top shape and always gives out maximum performance. 

As mentioned before, we also carry out diesel engine tuning and diagnostics services. This means we can take your engine and tune it so it performs like it just rolled out of the factory doors. 

If you’d like to learn more or have been searching for a diesel shop near me, contact our team to schedule an appointment today. 

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