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Most diesel drivers don’t notice it because it occurs so slowly, but over time, your diesel vehicle’s performance is going to go downhill. It isn’t through any fault of your own; any machine’s performance will degrade over time, even when following the scheduled maintenance plans. Take a minute to think: Does your diesel vehicle feel as strong and drive as smoothly as the first day you drove it off the lot? Unless that day was inside the last six months, we’ll bet your answer is “no”. If you’ve noticed a backslide in your diesel vehicle’s performance, or worse, your check engine light is activated, it is time for diagnostics and a performance tune-up from Newburg, PA’s own Reiff Diesel Services.

Diesel Performance Newburg PA

While some diesel shops will try to sell you performance upgrades you may not need, that’s not how we run things here at Reiff Diesel Services. Instead, when we refer to “diesel performance”, we mean tuning up your Power Stroke, Duramax, or Cummins diesel engine so it runs like it just rolled off the line at the factory. When we do a diesel performance upgrade for our customers, most report being able to feel the difference in how their vehicle runs the minute they turn on the ignition. If your diesel truck feels like it’s lagging a little, bring it in for a performance tune-up from Reiff Diesel Services.

Check Engine Light Newburg PA

Diesel or not, drivers dread few things as much as an activated check engine light. This warning serves as a catch-all for problems under the hood, so when it activates, you know something is wrong, but there is no way to know exactly what. The only way to figure it out is to have the diagnostic pros at Reiff Diesel Services run a diagnostic test on your vehicle, which will help our techs pinpoint the exact problem.

We will then discuss any needed repairs with you before we ever pick up a wrench. Don’t ignore the check engine light like so many drivers do; get your diesel engine vehicle in for diagnostic testing today.

Diesel Performance & Diagnostics Near Me

No one knows your diesel vehicle like you do. So if you’ve noticed a backslide in performance or worse, your check engine light is activated, it might be time for a diagnostic check-up and/or a performance tune-up from the diesel experts at Reiff Diesel Services in Newburg, PA. Make an appointment today! 

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