Common Diesel Engine Problems That We Fix All the Time

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Taking excellent care of your diesel truck can help prevent common diesel engine problems. We are going to list common problems below that we fix regularly. We are diesel engine experts, so you don’t need to look elsewhere for the services and repairs that your diesel engine needs.

Hard Starts

If it has gotten harder to start your diesel engine, it is overdue for maintenance. Everyone knows that diesel engines crank more before they start than gasoline engines do. This being said, your diesel engine should start relatively easily after a few cranks. If it is struggling to start or refusing to start, there is something wrong in the engine that requires immediate attention.

Power Loss

Generally, if your diesel engine is having a hard time producing power, there is something wrong with the fuel system. The most common problems include clogged fuel filters and fuel injectors. This can create problems when you try to accelerate the diesel vehicle as well as drive at faster speeds. A loose throttle linkage or excessive lubrication can also reduce the engine power.

Contaminated Fuel

Three contaminants in particular can contaminate your diesel fuel. If the fuel makes its way into the engine, you will end up with severe engine damage. These three contaminants are glycol, soot, and water. Keeping the diesel engine in excellent shape, including the fuel system, helps to prevent contaminants from making their way into the diesel fuel.

Excess Exhaust

We talked about a fuel-delivery problem contributing to engine power loss. This is not the only fuel problem from which your diesel engine can suffer. If the engine has too much fuel in the combustion chamber, it will release excess black exhaust as the engine burns away the fuel. A clogged air filter or broken EGR valve can leave you with a rich mixture in the engine.

Oxidized Oil

If your diesel truck or other diesel automobile has been sitting for months without being driven, do not fire it up without changing the oil first. As the oil sits inside of the engine, it oxidizes. This means it fills with air bubbles that prevent it from protecting the engine.

Excess Noise

Finally, your diesel engine is going to make more noise than a gasoline engine does, but the noise should not be extremely loud or unbearable. If it is, drive straight to our shop so we can inspect the engine. Excess noise means that there is something wrong.

We are here for all of your diesel automotive needs. Call us today to schedule a service visit.

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