Five Ways to Improve Your Diesel’s Fuel Mileage Even More

BY: Reiff Diesel Services
POSTED December 1, 2021 IN

Everybody wants the best fuel mileage out of their car, and diesel owners are no different. But what can you do to get the best fuel mileage possible? Reiff Diesel Services has some ideas that you can put to use today.

Watch Your Driving

How you drive matters a lot when it comes to your fuel mileage. Speedy starts and sudden stops wreak havoc on engine performance, even in a diesel. Also, if you’re choosing routes that are traffic heavy, that can cause you to sit and idle more than you should, which also burns too much fuel with no return on that investment.

Get Your Wheels Aligned

Keeping your diesel’s wheels aligned might not sound like something that has anything at all to do with fuel mileage, but it does. When your wheels are out of alignment, that creates more friction between the tires and the road’s surface. The engine has to burn more fuel to get your car going because it’s fighting against the way the tire tread is lined up with the pavement.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Another tire issue to pay attention to is your tire pressure. If your tires don’t have the right air pressure, that makes the engine work harder to get the car moving and to keep it going. Tire pressure might not have been something you considered when you thought about fuel mileage, but it has a big impact.

Make Sure You’re Getting Oil Changes

Keeping your diesel engine running as well as possible helps heaps with fuel mileage. Make sure that you’re getting the oil changed when you should be. Skipping oil changes completely or waiting a little too long can cause the engine to work harder, and that’s something you want to avoid.

Track Your Fuel Mileage Numbers

Something else to keep in mind is that if you aren’t actually tracking your fuel mileage numbers you’re guessing more than you really need to. There are quite a few apps that make it super simple to track fuel mileage just by adding in a couple of numbers every time you fuel up. Take advantage of the technology and start tracking some data.

Need to track down what might be causing your diesel’s fuel mileage to be off? Call Reiff Diesel Services in Newburg, PA today. We’ll accurately and thoroughly diagnose the contributing factors and let you know what your diesel needs in order to run its best.

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