3 Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel Might Be Shaking

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Driving down the road, you notice that your steering wheel has started to vibrate and shake, but it’s not due to a flat tire or any other mechanical failure. This can be very problematic, especially if you don’t know the cause of your shaking steering wheel or what to do about it. Here are three reasons why your steering wheel might be shaking while you drive, along with steps you can take to fix the problem before it gets worse.

Faulty Tires

One of the more common causes of steering wheel vibration is faulty tires. Tires that don’t wear evenly, punctures, separated threads, and broken steel belts within the tire can all cause vibrations. Improperly mounted tires can also cause vibrations felt while driving. Tires need to be balanced when mounting to allow them to rotate as they are designed to do. It’s best not to ignore this issue; get it checked by your auto care specialist. If you miss a problem with your tires, you risk having a blowout, potentially leading to an accident.

Misaligned Wheels

Another leading cause of steering wheel vibration is misaligned wheels. Your vehicle will need alignments as part of regular maintenance eventually. When your wheels are out of alignment, you will notice a bumpier ride and uneven wear on your car’s tires. In addition, if you hear a humming or drumming sound, you may need an alignment. It’s important not to ignore the signs of misaligned wheels, as this can lead to more significant issues later on.

Loose Suspension Bolts

Finally, loose suspension bolts can add to the vibrations that you feel while driving. It’s crucial to remember that while loose suspension bolts can worsen the vibrations, they are not the culprit. Vibrations due to an issue with the tires themselves, or a bad alignment, can cause suspension parts to become loose. If left unattended, loose suspension parts can lead to a hefty repair bill. Talk to your auto care professional about your vehicle’s suspension if you are experiencing vibrations while driving.

A shaking steering wheel is not something that you should ignore. The vibrations you feel are caused by something that’s preventing the tires from rotating in balance. This is a severe issue that you should address right away. See your automotive care expert immediately if your steering wheel is shaking.

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