Understanding Diesel Truck Engine Technologies

BY: Robert Gundermann
POSTED September 5, 2023 IN

Understanding Diesel Truck Engine Technologies

Modern diesel pickup truck engines are vastly different from past models. Once known only for their brute force, today’s motors are marvels of technology, incorporating decades of engineering research and development.

This post dives deep into the advanced technologies powering modern diesel engines. Discover the benefits of turbochargers, direct injection systems, emissions control and engine management systems.  

Turbochargers: Power And Efficiency Gains

The most substantial advance in diesel pickup truck engine technology is the integration of turbochargers. These components compress air into the engine, enabling more oxygen and fuel to mix, increasing the explosive force of ignition. The process increases engine power when repeated enough times and, in some cases, boosts efficiency. 

The limit of an engine’s power is the amount of fuel it can burn in its cylinders. In most units, the problem isn’t a lack of diesel but oxygen to facilitate burning. Engines require around 14.7 parts oxygen per one part fuel, making air scarce. Turbochargers enable more air to enter the chamber, increasing horsepower by as much as 50% and thermal efficiency by 8% to 10%

Direct Injection: A Precious Fuel Delivery Method

Another feature of diesel truck engines is direct injection. This technology delivers burnable fuel to diesel engines under higher pressure than gasoline systems. 

The fuel injector component of a diesel engine has been the subject of considerable research and development. Many engineers believe it is the most complex part of the engine, having to deliver diesel fuel to the chambers in a fine combustible mist under high pressure. 

Historically, getting the diesel mist to circulate in the engine to ignite evenly was challenging, and manufacturers experimented with numerous methods to make it work. Pre-combustion chambers, air-swirling devices in cylinders, and induction valves were all designed to solve this problem. 

Today, direct injectors are considerably more advanced and capable of injecting fuels into combustion chambers at a pressure exceeding 30,000 pounds per square inch, ensuring diesel atomizes into fine droplets. Consequently, efficiency is also considerably higher because diesel takes a less circuitous route to the engine compared to regular port injection. 

Emission Control Systems

Manufacturers are also equipping diesel engines with improved emissions control systems. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is a popular method that redirects exhaust gases into the combustion chamber, reducing NOx formation. Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are another technology designed to remove lung-harming soot from engines. Finally, some vehicles come with catalytic converters (which convert carbon monoxide emissions into carbon dioxide) and NOx absorbers (which catalyze NOx emissions). 

Electronic Engine Management: Smart Power

Finally, pick-up manufacturers have significantly improved electronic engine management. Sensors continually monitor engine performance, adjusting parameters, to improve efficiency depending on driving conditions such as ignition timing and air-to-fuel ratios. 

Systems can detect when there are problems with the engine and when diesel truck repairs are required. Computers can also better manage fuel, improving efficiency and ensuring the correct quantity of diesel enters the combustion chamber at any given time. 

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